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  • 6 person full duplex private intercom
  • Multi-hop technology uses each rider to extend intercom range, the more riders longer the range
  • Free smartphone Clearlink app with tools to customize and update your amp settings anytime, anywhere
  • New faster amp processor with more reliable Bluetooth 4.2 holds 10 times more data at up to 2.5 times faster speeds then previous version
  • Multi point connectivity connects to multiple Bluetooth devices such as GPS systems and smartphones
  • Multi-position microphones with bass boosted hi-definition audio
  • Hands free voice activated call pick up
  • Patented dual boom-free speaker microphone array for exceptional voice clarity
  • Patented ABF® technology system eliminates most road and engine noise
  • Cross brand compatibility: Intercom connects to most Bluetooth helmet communication systems
  • Transfers easily from helmet to helmet with accessories for any helmet style
  • Weather resistant